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DeShone Kizer breakdown via u/Matthew3_14 - r/NFL_Draft

Short Accuracy

Kizer is pretty accurate in general on the short throw.

Here is a 9 or 10 yard pass against Texas, and it is interesting.

At first it looks like a nice pass, and he does a good job of getting it to the receiver, with nice timing and correct velocity. However, it's slightly off and requires the receiver to correctly judge the ball and make a move. If the receiver doesn't make it, it is likely an interception, and there is no reason (as far as I can tell) for the throw to be off. It's not a lovely pass, and it requires a heads up receiver, but the timing is perfect.

Next up, this is a pass which reflects the same kind of issue. It's an overly safe pass, and while at this point in the game, a first down isn't essential, it should be aimed for, and instead, Kizer throws it away from him. I also think he misjudged the velocity he needed, but in general, it's a pass that is too safe.

I think his short accuracy isn't incredible, and it needs work, but it's more of a mental fix than a physical one.

Mid Accuracy

This is the part of his game that I really like.

This throw is perfect, and it's especially good because he throws it without setting his feet, and he absolutely launches it over two defenders, exactly where you would want it to be. He also judges pressure well, and moves away from it.

However, in this one he seems to misjudge power again, and I won't hold it against him, because of the rain, but I point it out because it's a throw he should definitely make. It's high and also a bad choice of who to throw to, because it isn't a 'do or die' situation, but it throws it weakly into an area of 4 defenders.

Deep Accuracy

This is as perfect of a throw as you could want. He lofts it over, with exact accuracy, and he places it where only his receiver can get there. I'm incredibly impressed by that throw.
Once again, he shows near perfect accuracy, and while it looks a little behind, it's essentially perfect.
Deep Accuracy is a place where Kizer shines.

Pocket Presence

Kizer generally has very solid pocket presence, and he seems to be able to stand in the pocket and let a play develop. He takes a sack here, but he show good awareness and tries to throw the ball away. His presence isn't perfect, but it's solid.


Only one play here, but it's a 29 yard TD run and it's perfect. He runs with speed, power and he shows some agility. He doesn't have lots of speed, but he uses it well.

Pro Comparison

Cam Newton. I know it may seem a bit cliche, but they have similar size, they're both strong runners, with huge arms, and they both have bad completion percentages.


Overall, I'd say Kizer is a great QB with potential, and has all of the things you CAN'T teach. If he went to a team like the Texans, with a QB mentor head coach, I think he could become a good starter.

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