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The Chicago Bulls Can't Shoot The Three

When the Chicago Bulls added Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo to their roster this offseason, it was expected they would struggle to shoot the 3-ball. It's an odd way to build a roster in today's game, but they have proved everyone right. Chicago is the worst 3pt shooting team in the NBA, making just 31.8% of their attempted three pointers and they know it too. With just 20.6 3pt attempts per game, the Bulls shoot two less 3's per game than the next team, the Indiana Pacers. The Houston Rockets shoot almost twice as many threes per game, 39.8 and own the 6th best shooting percentage from downtown.

Jimmy Butler leads the team in scoring, at 25 points per game, shooting above his career average from the field at 45% this year.  He is also shooting slightly above his career average from downtown at 34% vs 33%, while attempting a career high 3.5 threes per game.

Wade is also shooting above his career average from beyond the arc at 33% (28.8% career), while doubling his 3pt attempts from 1.5 to 3 three each night.  That's pretty impressive for a guy who is about to turn 35 this month.  However, he is knocking down just 42% of his attempts from the floor vs a career average of 48.6%.  Wade is on pace to score less than 20 points per game for the third time in four seasons.

Rondo takes two 3s each game and is also shooting above career averages at 30.9%.  However, this is well below the 35% he shot from downtown over the past two seasons.  He is shooting just 37% from the field vs a career average of 46%.

Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and Isaiah Canaan all take 3+ threes per game and combined they are shooting just 31.5%.  Mirotic is chucking up 5 threes night in and night out, but making less than 2 per game!  Of the top 30 3pt shooters (attempts) in the NBA, only Robert Covington has a lower 3pt% than Mirotic.

Mirotic does shoot better than 40% from the corners.

We can't forget that Chicago also traded Tony Snell to the Milwaukee Bucks for Michael Carter-Williams, who also can't shoot.

All of this has led to the Bulls being a game under .500 at 19-20, and currently not a playoff team.  There is a good chance that their defense does get them into the playoffs, but they will have a hard time beating one of the top seeded (and top scoring) teams in the Eastern Conference, be it the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Toronto Raptors.