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First 48 - NFBC Fantasy Baseball ADP Mock Draft

Using average draft position from NFBC drafts, we ran a 4 round, 12 team mock draft to show you how some of the best are going about their fantasy baseball drafts this season.

Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6
Mike TroutMookie BettsKris BryantJose AltuvePaul GoldschmidtNolan Arenado
Corey KluberStarling MarteEdwin EncarnacionNoah SyndergaardJonathan VillarChris Sale
Freddie FreemanJoey VottoXander BogaertsFrancisco LindorBrian DozierTrevor Story
Jonathan LucroyDavid PriceDee GordonGary SanchezAroldis ChapmanJohnny Cueto

Jonathan Villar in the middle of the 2nd round is a very interesting pick.  According to FantasyPros consensus rankings, Villar ranks 42nd, but RotoChamp ranks him 12th, Bill Dubiel of RotoBaller ranks him 28th and Andy Beherns of Yahoo Sports ranks him 31st overall.

That being said, I would not be comfortable drafting Villar in the 2nd round.  There are just six SS drafted in the first 48.  Xander Bogaerts, Francisco Lindor and Trevor Story can be had in the following round.

There are more 2B and SS drafted than 3B.

The fall of Giancarlo Stanton is crazy, but he can't stay healthy so I understand why people hesitate to draft the Marlins slugger.  It should be noted that his BA and OBP have declined since 2014.

Fantasy baseball owners can continue to draft Buster Posey this early, but the catcher position is just not deep enough to warrant drafting one in the first four rounds.  Posey and Jonathan Lucroy are safe plays, while Gary Sanchez might give owners headaches after bursting onto the fantasy scene last year.

Please do not draft a closer with one of your first four picks.  There is a reason why OF and SP dominate the early rounds!

Just three teams were without a SP after the first 48 while half the league had yet to select a OF.

Team Strategies

By drafting their infield first, team 3 will now have to choose to build their OF around J.D. Martinez or Ryan Braun OR anchor their pitching staff with Stephen Strasburg or Chris Archer.  Neither route is terrible, but three teams already have two aces, two teams already have two OF and a SP and another team already drafted two starters.  This is all because they picked Dee Gordon in the 4th round.  If they waited on 2B, they could have drafted Ian Kinsler in the 6th or DJ LeMahieu in the 7th.

Team 5 was the only other owner to not draft a OF/SP in the first four rounds.

I liked what Team 2 and Team 10 did, drafting two OF and a SP with three of their first four selections.  However, if I were team 2, Joey Votto would not be my third round pick.  I would have drafted Xander Bogaerts.

Team 2 was the only team to go OF/OF to start the draft, while only Team 1 and Team 10 selected a OF and a SP with their first two picks.

Five teams did not select a OF/SP with their first two picks, but they all drafted a corner infielder.

Lack of Confidence

  • Dee Gordon has been drafted as early as pick 28 and as late as pick 64
  • David Price has been drafted as early as pick 31 and as late pick 66 
  • Yu Darvish has been drafted as early as pick 22 and as late as pick 58
  • A.J. Pollock has been drafted as early as pick 19 and as late as pick 50
  • Joey Votto has the largest draft range at 1B from 20-41
  • Max Scherzer (3-15) & Trea Turner (6-18) have the largest draft range inside the top 12
  • Of the 6 SS drafted in the first 48, none of them have a draft range of less than 10
The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox each feature five of the first 48 players drafted.
NFBC ADP First 48 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft