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Fantasy Basketball All-Stars

Andre Drummond42.5Det5647.52662.0F
LeBron James 8.0Cle5258.93062.5F
Hassan Whiteside13.4Mia5249.32563.0C
John Wall21.8Was5355.92904.5G
Giannis Antetokounmpo9.3Mil5458.13135.5G
Kyle Lowry21.1Tor5646.22585.0G
Jimmy Butler16.6Chi5147.02397.0G
Isaiah Thomas33.8Bos5344.42350.5G
Dwight Howard73.9Atl5144.02244.0F
Jeff Teague57.4Ind5741.22344.5G
Paul Millsap16.2Atl5342.62259.0F
Kemba Walker25.7Cha5540.02196.5G
Anthony Davis8.3NO5361.03232.0F
Kevin Durant2.9GS5655.83126.5F
DeMarcus Cousins14.0 Sac5559.23255.5C
James Harden3.3Hou5868.83988.5G
Russell Westbrook3.1OKC5772.24114.5G
Karl-Anthony Towns5.9Min5753.33036.0C
Rudy Gobert43.6Uta5747.02678.0C
Draymond Green19.9GS5349.42617.5F
Stephen Curry1.7GS5546.22539.0G
Kawhi Leonard6.9SA5146.52371.0G
Damian Lillard 12.3Por5142.72178.5G
Nikola Jokic32.8Den4943.52130.0F

With Chris Paul out, Lillard will grab his spot on the bench.  Paul was posting 51.8 fantasy points per game, before going down with a thumb injury.  That was good for 10th in the league, and fifth among guards.

Blake Griffin has also played just 36 games this season, and has posted 47.4 fantasy points per game. He has the 9th most fantasy points scored over the last 14 days.

Joel Embiid has played like an All-Star, when he plays. He is averaging just 25 minutes per game, appearing in just 31 games for the 76ers. His 44.4 fantasy points per game is 21st in the league, 8th at the PF and C positions.

Embiid has produced just slightly better than Dwight Howard (44.2), Kevin Love (43.7), DeAndre Jordan (43.7) and Nikola Jokic (43.2) when he suits up.

Top 15 Players Under 50% Owned Heading Into All-Star Break

How Fantasy Points Are Scored
  • FGA - (.5)
  • FGM - .5
  • 3PTM - .5
  • Points - 1
  • Rebounds - 1.5
  • Assists - 2
  • Steals - 4
  • Blocks - 4
  • Turnovers - (1)
  • Double-Doubles - 5
  • Triple-Doubles - 10
Fantasy Basketball NBA All-Star Rosters