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Top 15 Under 50% Owned Yahoo Heading into All-Star Break

Using custom scoring from our Yahoo Fantasy Basketball league, here are the top 15 players that are less than 50% owned in Yahoo, over the last two weeks.

Fantasy Basketball All-Stars
Matt BarnesSac8287.535.932%68311387732965143
T.J. McConnellPhi8271.033.949%68350763151171141
Dewayne Dedmon SA8249.031.111%413006883637104
Jameer NelsonDen8246.030.822%79351789335540152
P.J. TuckerPhx8224.528.135%56238635612171111
Frank KaminskyCha6222.537.133%9136129540177672
Larry Nance Jr.LAL7220.031.422%4824063481814192
Yogi FerrellDal7214.030.641%723618103203291140
T.J. WarrenPhx8205.525.747%89412963799750
Kelly OlynykBos7205.029.336%6337992491543100
Andre RobersonOKC7205.029.311%482415551410852
David LeeSA8204.025.521%4628068521565121
Nik StauskasPhi8199.524.97%70251382352873150
Ish SmithDet8199.024.918%6234278243546120
Willy HernangomezNY6195.032.542%432506150127680
Malcolm Brogdon Mil7194.527.839%56265761631122110
Andre IguodalaGS7191.527.428%432386727228560

Before rushing out to add any of these players, remember that if your league has a limit on moves each week, Week 17 spans two weeks! Use them wisely!
The fantasy league "week" that includes the NBA All-Star game takes place in Yahoo Fantasy Basketball from February 13-26, 2017.
Here's how fantasy leagues will be affected:
  • Stats earned in the All-Star Game are not counted in scoring for Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball.
  • There are no changes to your weekly transaction limit during the All-Star gameweek.
    • So if your league features a 3-transaction limit, managers will only be able to make 3 player adds via waivers or free agency during this Fantasy week.
  • All-Star Game live stats will be displayed during the game itself and points are displayed on your team page and in StatTracker, but these won't count toward your league scoring totals.
The All-Star Game points will be cleared in an overnight update.  Yahoo

How Fantasy Points Are Scored
  • FGA - (.5)
  • FGM - .5
  • 3PTM - .5
  • Points - 1
  • Rebounds - 1.5
  • Assists - 2
  • Steals - 4
  • Blocks - 4
  • Turnovers - (1)
  • Double-Doubles - 5
  • Triple-Doubles - 10
Fantasy Basketball Under 50% Owned Yahoo