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Wisdom of the Crowd - NBA DFS 2/28 DraftKings Projections

NBA DFS DraftKings Projections 2/28
Consensus figures were generated by first scraping raw projections from the following publicly available sources:
  • FantasyPros
  • numberFire
  • RotoGrinders
  • Rotowire
  • Sporting Charts
  • Sporting Line
  • Swish Analytics
  • Yahoo
For each source, raw projections were converted to fantasy points using DraftKings's scoring system. Consensus projections were then calculated by simply taking the average of the individual sources. Projections that combine multiple sources have been shown to be more accurate than any single source by itself, consistent with the wisdom of the crowd.

Andre DrummondCDETvs POR820041.065.0
Nikola JokicCDEN@ CHI890040.654.6
Marc GasolCMEMvs PHX760039.305.2
Rudy GobertCUTA@ OKC730037.125.1
Draymond GreenCGSW@ WAS740036.154.9
Marcin GortatCWASvs GSW610029.854.9
Zach RandolphCMEMvs PHX560027.935.0
Cody ZellerCCHA@ LAL470027.865.9
Frank KaminskyCCHA@ LAL690027.163.9
Steven AdamsCOKCvs UTA540026.294.9
Draymond GreenPFGSW@ WAS740036.154.9
Wilson ChandlerPFDEN@ CHI660030.164.6
Julius RandlePFLALvs CHA570030.045.3
Otto PorterPFWASvs GSW600029.144.9
Markieff MorrisPFWASvs GSW630028.984.6
Zach RandolphPFMEMvs PHX560027.935.0
Tobias HarrisPFDETvs POR530027.465.2
Frank KaminskyPFCHA@ LAL690027.163.9
Marcus MorrisPFDETvs POR590027.054.6
Marvin WilliamsPFCHA@ LAL470026.115.6
Kevin DurantSFGSW@ WAS970048.345.0
Jimmy ButlerSFCHIvs DEN930046.915.0
Nicolas BatumSFCHA@ LAL750038.375.1
Gordon HaywardSFUTA@ OKC770037.084.8
Wilson ChandlerSFDEN@ CHI660030.164.6
Otto PorterSFWASvs GSW600029.144.9
Danilo GallinariSFDEN@ CHI620028.664.6
Tobias HarrisSFDETvs POR530027.465.2
Marcus MorrisSFDETvs POR590027.054.6
SFCHA@ LAL540025.974.8
Jimmy ButlerSGCHIvs DEN930046.915.0
Nicolas BatumSGCHA@ LAL750038.375.1
Dwyane WadeSGCHIvs DEN750037.605.0
C.J. McCollumSGPOR@ DET710035.745.0
Bradley BealSGWASvs GSW720034.524.8
Klay ThompsonSGGSW@ WAS680032.834.8
Devin BookerSGPHX@ MEM650030.654.7
SGDETvs POR590027.414.6
Victor OladipoSGOKCvs UTA580026.404.6
Will BartonSGDEN@ CHI580025.424.4
Russell WestbrookPGOKCvs UTA1210061.695.1
John WallPGWASvs GSW1030049.784.8
Stephen CurryPGGSW@ WAS950043.754.6
Damian LillardPGPOR@ DET840043.145.1
Kemba WalkerPGCHA@ LAL830041.505.0
Eric BledsoePGPHX@ MEM780039.305.0
Mike ConleyPGMEMvs PHX790037.394.7
C.J. McCollumPGPOR@ DET710035.745.0
D'Angelo RussellPGLALvs CHA650032.355.0
Reggie JacksonPGDETvs POR530029.165.5

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