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Super Bowl LI Betting Guide

Point Spread - Pats -3.5

  • The Pick - I truly believe this is the Falcons year and they will win this game. I'm taking the +3.5 for Atlanta.

Over/Under - 59.5

  • The Pick - OVER! The Falcons alone have scored 42, 41, 33, 38, 36, and 44 points during their six game win streak. Over the last four games the Patriots have put up 41, 35, 34 and 36. There will be plenty of offense in this one.

Super Bowl 51 MVP

  • The Pick - Go with who you think will win the game, it's either going to be Tom Brady or Matt Ryan. Quarterbacks have won the MVP 7 of the last 10 Super Bowls.

Coin Toss

  • The Pick - Tails never fails!

Madden Simulation - Patriots vs Falcons

 First Touchdown Scorer

  • The Pick - Martellus Bennett! Random guys step up in the Super Bowl and I can see Bennett finding the end zone to put the Patriots on the board early. (12/1)

Who Will Record The Most Receiving Yards In The Game?

Will The Atlanta Falcons Have A Rushing TD In The Game?

  • The Pick - Yes! Falcons constantly get the ball into the red zone, and if they get inside the 5, I can see Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman run one in.

Length Of First Reception By Chris Hogan - O/U 11.5

  • The Pick - Over! Hogan is averaging 17.9 yards per catch on the year.

Total Yardage Of All Touchdowns - O/U 100.5

  • The Pick - Over! Atlanta is known to score on big plays weekly and New England seems to score on trickery in big spots.

Total First Downs By New England - O/U 23.5

  • Under! That's a lot of first downs. Atlanta's offense will have some lengthy drives, limiting the Pats opportunities.

Total Gross Passing Yards By Matt Ryan - 325.5

  • Over! If the Falcons win Ryan will need to have a big game. If the Falcons lose, Ryan will throw a ton in a comeback effort.

Will Matt Ryan Throw A Touchdown In The First Quarter?

  • Yes! The Falcons have scored a touchdown on their opening drive in eight straight games.

Total Number Of Penalties In The Game By Both Teams - O/U 12.5

  • Under! Both teams are smart and disciplined, that's why they're playing in the Super Bowl

Will A Roughing-The-Passer Penalty Be Called In The Game?

  • Yes! Two quarterbacks who stick to the pocket and will drop back a ridiculous number of times. Expect a lot of QB hits, some late leading to a penalty.

Longest Reception By Julio Jones - O/U 25.5

  • Over! He's a deep ball threat, and anytime he catches a pass over the middle he has the ability to take it to the house.

Total Passing Yards By Tom Brady - O/U 310.5

  • Over! Brady is averaging 46 passing attempts over his last three Super Bowls. If he throws the ball 46 times in this one, he'll easily break 310.

Total Rushing Yards for LeGarrette Blount - O/U 57.5

  • Under! Expect Brady to throw it a ton, with Dion Lewis cutting in to Blount's touches. Also if Patriots find themselves trailing, Blount won't be a factor in this game.

Longest Successful Field Goal In The Game - O/U 47.5

  • Under! Expect both teams to move the ball, resulting in shorter field goals, and neither team will want to really risk missing a field goal from this distance, giving the opposing offense a short field to work with.

Will The Opening Kickoff Result In A Touchback?

  • Yes! When do they not? (-200)

What Will Happen First? A Falcons Score, Or A Falcons Punt?

  • Score! The Falcons have scored on their opening drive in 8 straight games. (-125)

Will Julian Edelman Score A Touchdown?

  • No! Edelman only scored 3 touchdowns during the regular season and his touchdown against the Steelers was his first since October. He will not score in this one unless it's a long one. (-135)
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