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Wisdom of the Crowd - NBA DFS 3/2 DraftKings Projections

NBA DFS DraftKings Projections 3/2
Consensus figures were generated by first scraping raw projections from the following publicly available sources:
  • FantasyPros
  • numberFire
  • RotoGrinders
  • Rotowire
  • Sporting Charts
  • Sporting Line
  • Swish Analytics
  • Yahoo
For each source, raw projections were converted to fantasy points using DraftKings's scoring system. Consensus projections were then calculated by simply taking the average of the individual sources. Projections that combine multiple sources have been shown to be more accurate than any single source by itself, consistent with the wisdom of the crowd.

Draymond GreenCGSW@ CHI800032.464.1
Jusuf NurkicCPORvs OKC560022.904.1
Frank KaminskyCCHA@ PHX720022.173.1
Steven AdamsCOKC@ POR540022.024.1
Enes KanterCOKC@ POR520021.604.2
Alan WilliamsCPHXvs CHA440019.004.3
Alex LenCPHXvs CHA400018.624.7
Robin LopezCCHIvs GSW420018.484.4
Cody ZellerCCHA@ PHX430017.614.1
Zaza PachuliaCGSW@ CHI430015.763.7
Draymond GreenPFGSW@ CHI800032.464.1
Frank KaminskyPFCHA@ PHX720022.173.1
Marvin WilliamsPFCHA@ PHX490021.344.4
Al-Farouq AminuPFPORvs OKC500020.074.0
T.J. WarrenPFPHXvs CHA550019.803.6
Taj GibsonPFOKC@ POR370018.254.9
Nikola MiroticPFCHIvs GSW500017.983.6
Bobby PortisPFCHIvs GSW410016.674.1
Marquese ChrissPFPHXvs CHA420016.043.8
Jimmy ButlerSFCHIvs GSW890034.983.9
Nicolas BatumSFCHA@ PHX710030.204.3
Andre RobersonSFOKC@ POR390021.005.4
Al-Farouq AminuSFPORvs OKC500020.074.0
SFCHA@ PHX510019.943.9
T.J. WarrenSFPHXvs CHA550019.803.6
Maurice HarklessSFPORvs OKC480019.384.0
Andre IguodalaSFGSW@ CHI490017.473.6
Denzel ValentineSFCHIvs GSW320016.665.2
Doug McDermottSFOKC@ POR330015.634.7
Marco BelinelliSFCHA@ PHX340015.504.6
Patrick McCawSFGSW@ CHI300015.495.2
Allen CrabbeSFPORvs OKC320015.424.8
Jimmy ButlerSGCHIvs GSW890034.983.9
Nicolas BatumSGCHA@ PHX710030.204.3
C.J. McCollumSGPORvs OKC730029.774.1
Klay ThompsonSGGSW@ CHI720028.834.0
Dwyane WadeSGCHIvs GSW700028.384.1
Devin BookerSGPHXvs CHA650025.794.0
Alex AbrinesSGOKC@ POR360022.086.1
Jeremy LambSGCHA@ PHX350016.074.6
Doug McDermottSGOKC@ POR330015.634.7
Marco BelinelliSGCHA@ PHX340015.504.6
Patrick McCawSGGSW@ CHI300015.495.2
Allen CrabbeSGPORvs OKC320015.424.8
Russell WestbrookPGOKC@ POR1330053.124.0
Stephen CurryPGGSW@ CHI1000039.263.9
Damian LillardPGPORvs OKC880036.344.1
Kemba WalkerPGCHA@ PHX840033.774.0
Eric BledsoePGPHXvs CHA810033.184.1
C.J. McCollumPGPORvs OKC730029.774.1
Rajon RondoPGCHIvs GSW530017.983.4

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