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Wisdom of the Crowd - NBA DFS 3/3 DraftKings Projections

NBA DFS DraftKings Projections 3/3
Consensus figures were generated by first scraping raw projections from the following publicly available sources:
  • FantasyPros
  • numberFire
  • RotoGrinders
  • Rotowire
  • Sporting Charts
  • Sporting Line
  • Swish Analytics
  • Yahoo
For each source, raw projections were converted to fantasy points using DraftKings's scoring system. Consensus projections were then calculated by simply taking the average of the individual sources. Projections that combine multiple sources have been shown to be more accurate than any single source by itself, consistent with the wisdom of the crowd.

Anthony DavisCNOPvs SAS940048.945.2
DeMarcus CousinsCNOPvs SAS920048.125.2
Hassan WhitesideCMIA@ ORL810041.735.2
Marc GasolCMEM@ DAL790038.704.9
Rudy GobertCUTAvs BKN730037.385.1
DeAndre JordanCLAC@ MIL700036.585.2
Nikola VucevicCORLvs MIA720035.925.0
Kristaps PorzingisCNYK@ PHI660035.795.4
Dwight HowardCATLvs CLE650035.525.5
Al HorfordCBOS@ LAL620033.595.4
Anthony DavisPFNOPvs SAS940048.945.2
DeMarcus CousinsPFNOPvs SAS920048.125.2
Blake GriffinPFLAC@ MIL910042.864.7
Carmelo AnthonyPFNYK@ PHI750042.035.6
Paul MillsapPFATLvs CLE700037.725.4
Kristaps PorzingisPFNYK@ PHI660035.795.4
LaMarcus AldridgePFSAS@ NOP610033.965.6
Dario SaricPFPHIvs NYK740033.724.6
Robert CovingtonPFPHIvs NYK720033.064.6
Harrison BarnesPFDALvs MEM610031.465.2
LeBron JamesSFCLE@ ATL1120051.094.6
SFMILvs LAC1000049.144.9
Kawhi LeonardSFSAS@ NOP880043.484.9
Carmelo AnthonySFNYK@ PHI750042.035.6
Gordon HaywardSFUTAvs BKN760037.514.9
Robert CovingtonSFPHIvs NYK720033.064.6
Harrison BarnesSFDALvs MEM610031.465.2
Dion WaitersSFMIA@ ORL640027.994.4
Khris MiddletonSFMILvs LAC600026.974.5
Jae CrowderSFBOS@ LAL570026.864.7
DeMar DeRozanSGTOR@ WAS890042.124.7
Bradley BealSGWASvs TOR700033.434.8
Devin BookerSGPHXvs OKC670031.614.7
Seth CurrySGDALvs MEM600028.204.7
Dion WaitersSGMIA@ ORL640027.994.4
Evan FournierSGORLvs MIA560027.484.9
Khris MiddletonSGMILvs LAC600026.974.5
Marcus SmartSGBOS@ LAL530026.475.0
Avery BradleySGBOS@ LAL540026.454.9
Cory JosephSGTOR@ WAS520025.044.8
Russell WestbrookPGOKC@ PHX1310066.175.1
PGMILvs LAC1000049.144.9
John WallPGWASvs TOR970047.534.9
Isaiah ThomasPGBOS@ LAL930044.944.8
Chris PaulPGLAC@ MIL900042.864.8
Kyrie IrvingPGCLE@ ATL840041.534.9
Eric BledsoePGPHXvs OKC850040.814.8
Mike ConleyPGMEM@ DAL780035.924.6
Goran DragicPGMIA@ ORL710035.585.0
Jrue HolidayPGNOPvs SAS690033.684.9

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