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RotoDerby 16K Home Run Derby

RotoDerby is back for another year of Derby's! You can win both Monthly and Season-End cash prizes within the same Fantasy Derby Contest and they gave away a LOT of money last year!

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RotoDerby Home Run Derby

The Game:

Fantasy Home Run Derby is based on a standard scoring system with a twist; where you are competing against others for the highest Fantasy Points throughout the season based on 3 stats, but weighted towards Home Runs (HRs). It consists of a 10 player starting roster with a Home Run stat cap used to build your team. Rosters are fixed all season and standings reset monthly. Winners are paid every month and at season-end.
Starting Roster:

Select any 6 infielders and 4 outfielders for a total roster size of 10 players. Rosters can be edited until Derby registration closes and will be LOCKED for the WHOLE season once the Derby begins, taking away the headache of day-to-day maintenance and bringing in new and interesting strategies. This is where your knowledge, strategy and skill come into play. If a player becomes a free agent, gets injured, retires, etc. he still remains on your team. So choose wisely, but remember multiple teams can draft the same player and standings reset monthly to level the playing field.

Fantasy Derby differs from conventional Fantasy sports in 4 ways:
  • Each Derby is based on 3 stats but weighted towards a main scoring stat (for example in Home Run Derby, HRs = 5pts, RBIs = 1pt, Ks = -1). That’s it no other stats. 
  • The Derby uses fixed starting rosters for the entire season (eliminates the high maintenance needed to set rosters daily or weekly). One-time setup. 
  • Derby standings reset monthly – so you can win each month and at season end (as opposed to winning just once at the end of the season). 
  • Each Derby is not limited to 8 to 12 teams. With Fantasy Derbies your entries are unlimited, allowing you to compete against more teams for larger Monthly and Season-end prizes. 
Its as simple as Draft, Score and Win! Whatever strategy you choose, RotoDerby puts you back in control of your time to spend it as you wish while getting back in the game you love to play.

Most RotoDerby Points Since 2014 MLB Season

2016Nolan Arenado41133103235
2016David Ortiz3812786231
2015Nolan Arenado42130110230
2015Albert Pujols409572223
2014Victor Martinez3210342221
2015Edwin Encarnacion3911198208
2015Jose Bautista40114106208
2016Edwin Encarnacion42127138199
2016Albert Pujols3111975199
2015David Ortiz3710895198
2016Adrian Beltre3210466198
2016Robinson Cano39103100198
2015Josh Donaldson41123133195

Players Who Have Scored 100+ RotoDerby Points In Last Three Seasons

Trout leads this group, averaging over 150 strikeouts since 2014 while Pujols strikes out just 72 times per year. Seager and Jones average less than 90 RBI and 30 HRs.

Players to Consider Under 20 HRs

With 17 home runs, Max Kepler, posted 55 RotoDerby points in just 396 ABs with the Twins last year. He was on pace to score in the mid 80s with a full season of at bats and that would have made him a top 50 player in 2016, right up there with Buster Posey.

Melky Cabrera is another OF who can score in the mid 80s, and is three HRs cheaper than Kepler at 14.

If you need a cheap IF, Aledmys Diaz, Ben Zobrist, Yangervis Solarte & Buster Posey are all under 20 HRs, could hit 20 HRs, have low strikeout rates and are good for 70+ RBI.

High risk, high reward power bat, with a salary cap hit below 20 HRs - C.J. Cron