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Chicago Bears Trade Up for QB Mitch Trubisky

Did the Chicago Bears give up too much, to move one draft slot, and select North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky with the 2nd overall pick? 


Should they have even targeted a QB after signing Mike Glennon to $19 mil guaranteed?  


Alshon Jeffery is now an Eagle, the Bears are going to, or at least should, rely heavily on Jordan Howard and odds are, Trubisky would have been there with the 3rd pick.  John Lynch just conned Ryan Pace - what a way to begin his tenure as the 49ers GM.

The hype around Trubisky is understandable, but Chicago is not ready to compete in the NFC North and they would be better off adding to their roster with picks #67, #111 and next years 3rd round pick , that were all sent to San Francisco.

Had Chicago just drafted Trubisky, if available, at pick #3, we would all have a very different opinion on him being their franchise QB.  They put unnecessary pressure on themselves and Trubisky to be successful right away.

Glennon will be the starting QB in September, but how long before the fans are calling for Trubisky?

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