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Eric Thames Hits 10th Home Run

At the end of November, the Milwaukee Brewers signed free agent Eric Thames to a 3 year $16 mil deal. This to replace Chris Carter, who was released after hitting 41 home runs in 2016. If you didn't know, Thames made his MLB debut in 2011 at age 24 with the Toronto Blue Jays. He spent the last three years in Korea, hitting .348 with 124 home runs and 64 stolen bases.

By now, if you play fantasy baseball, you know exactly who Eric Thames is and are probably wondering why your favorite MLB team didn't sign the lefty slugger. He was ranked right around 175th coming into the season overall, was a top 20 1B and top 40 OF with an ADP ~212. Congrats to those of you who drafted him!

Thames has now hit 10 home runs in just 21 games. He is certainly in the right division, hitting 5 home runs in a four game series at Great American Ballpark off Cincinnati Reds pitching. The next night, he took advantage of Wrigley Field for his 7th home run of the season. He hit home runs 9 and 10 off Reds pitching at home in Miller Park on Monday.

Watch them all below!

HR #1 off Tyler Chatwood (404 ft)

HR #2 off Bronson Arroyo (384 ft)

HR #3 off Wandy Peralta (416 ft)

HR #4 off Tony Cingrani (427 ft)

HR$ #5 off Robert Stephenson (392 ft)

HR #6 off Tim Adleman (432 ft)

HR #7 off John Lackey (359 ft) - 5th straight game with HR

HR #8 off Carlos Martinez (411 ft)

HRs #9 & #10 off Amir Garrett

Eric Thames Brewers Fantasy Baseball