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Week 1 Just Enough "Home Runs"

According to HitTrackerOnline, there were three home runs hit in the first week of the MLB season that would not have been a home run at any ball park across the league, without "help" from wind and/or temperature.

Corey Dickerson off Marco Estrada (326 Ft)

Albert Pujols off Casey Fien (405 Ft)

Yonder Alonso off Dario Alvarez (407 Ft)

# Parks - This value indicates the number of MLB ballparks, out of 30, in which the ball in question would have been a home run, if the ball had been struck in weather conditions of 70 degrees and no wind. Really long home runs could achieve a value of 30, while a particularly weak home run could achieve a value as low as zero if it only made it over the fence in the park in which it was struck due to "help" from wind and/or temperature. The average value for "# Parks" in 2011 was about 23. - HitTrackerOnline