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Week 2 Just Enough "Home Runs"

There were five home runs hit this weekend that had just enough to get out.  Two of them happened at Wrigley Field in the Cubs/Pirates series, one at Yankee Stadium, one at Fenway Park and one in Cincinatti at Great American Ballpark.  Brian Dozier hit an inside the park homerun.

Aaron Hicks off Adam Wainwright (331 ft) link to video

Scott Schebler off Zach Davies (378 ft)

Kris Bryant off Tony Watson (384 ft)

Pablo Sandoval off Alex Cobb (393 ft) link to video

Francisco Cervelli off Jake Arrieta (403 ft)

Cobb and Arrieta have now allowed a "Just Enough" & a "Lucky" home run.  Both of Arrieta's came at home pitching at Wrigley while Cobb has allowed one at home and one on the road.

Yankee Stadium has seen 5 home runs that would most likely have been out at every other ballpark in Major League Baseball.

# Parks - This value indicates the number of MLB ballparks, out of 30, in which the ball in question would have been a home run, if the ball had been struck in weather conditions of 70 degrees and no wind. Really long home runs could achieve a value of 30, while a particularly weak home run could achieve a value as low as zero if it only made it over the fence in the park in which it was struck due to "help" from wind and/or temperature. The average value for "# Parks" in 2011 was about 23. - HitTrackerOnline