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Tony Romo Retires

NFL QBs Since 2006
Tony Romo lost his starting job to rookie QB Dak Prescott in 2016 and will retire before his 6 year $108 mil contract expires with the Dallas Cowboys.

Romo started 127 games for Dallas since the 2006 NFL season and is 12th in wins with 78.

2014 was Romo's best year, with 34 touchdowns and just 9 interceptions, leading to a 113.2 QB Rating (81.5 QBR).  He completed 69.9% of his pass attempts that season.  Dez Bryant caught 16 touchdowns that year.

Romo will forever be known as an injury prone QB, that struggled in the playoffs.
  • 2008 -- Broken right pinkie finger
  • 2010 -- Broken left collarbone 
  • 2013 -- Ruptured disk 
  • 2014 -- Two transverse process fractures 
  • 2015 -- Broken left collarbone 
  • 2015 -- Broken left collarbone 
  • 2016 -- Compression fracture, L1 vertebra

The Houston Texans, who signed Brock Osweiler to that ridiculous contract last offseason and then traded him to the Cleveland Browns this offseason, were banking on Romo taking over under center.  With his retirement being announced, they are currently working with Tom Savage as their starting QB.  The Texans have the 25th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

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