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First to 100 Points Crowned NBA Champions?

Cleveland lost just 3 times during the regular season when allowing less than 100 points this year.  It is safe to assume that they will not hold Golden State under 100 points during the NBA Finals.  The Cavaliers were just 33-28 when their opponents scored 100+ points.  They allowed 112 points per game in wins and 113 points per game in losses.  They were just 13-17 when their opponents scored at least 110 points.

The Pacers scored more than 110 points in the first round twice, but lost both games.  The Celtics did win with 111 points and no Isaiah Thomas.

The Cavs only scored 101 points per loss while putting up 121 in wins. If Golden State wants to be crowned World Champions again, it is going to be won on the defensive side of the ball.  Cleveland has averaged 117.5 points per game in their 12 playoff wins.

Golden State was 41-13 when opponents scored 100+ points and lost just twice when the other team failed to score 100 points.  They failed to break the century mark just 6 times, with four of those games coming after the All-Star break.  They lost all 9 games they failed to score 103 points.  They averaged 116 points on the year, and that is bad news for the defensively challenged Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the first Finals matchup in 2015, the Warriors 108 points in Game 1 were the most points scored in six games.  The Cavs won games 2 & 3 with 95 and 96 points.  Golden State won games four, five & six with 103, 104 and 105 points.  Cleveland was without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love that year.

Last year, the only time the winning team failed to score 100 points was Game 7.  The Warriors scored just 89 points to lose the series.  There was just one game where both teams scored 100+ points and the Cavs won game six 115-101.  Games 1-5 were blowouts with the average score 110-90. 2017 NBA Finals - Golden State Warriots vs Cleveland Cavaliers