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Fantasy Baseball's Best Cleanup Hitters

If I had told you Jake Lamb would be the top cleanup hitter to own in fantasy baseball back in March, would you have believed me?  Lamb had a consensus ranking around 139 and the 17th 3B.

Seeing a catcher that is not named Mike Piazza ranked among the best cleanup hitters in the league is weird.  Buster Posey is hitting like it's 2012 when he won the NL MVP.  Despite just 14 XBH and 16 RBI, Posey currently owns a career high .408 wOBA.

Adam Duvall continues to prove his breakout season in 2016 was no fluke.  Despite the fact that he has the 2nd worst BB% among all batters with 14+ HRs, there is no reason to believe that Duvall will regress as his .274 BA (.301 BABIP) and .354 wOBA is sustainable.

Ryan Zimmerman's fantasy value has been about him staying healthy in recent years.  He averages 2.1 points per PA when the Nationals moved him to the cleanup spot.

Nelson Cruz - finally a name you would expect to see on this list!  He hit 10 home runs in June last year and has already hit 2 in five Mariners game this month.  He hit just .245 last month but his K% is below 20% and his BB% is above 11% on the year.  

Jake Lamb5320423560321231336482961320.2940.39426%12%412.6
Buster Posey47170200614770725162515100.3590.4188%13%361.7
Adam Duvall5321223258321111431451555420.2740.35824%7%345.5
Ryan Zimmerman3614415953301201130351332000.3680.45420%8%336.5
Nelson Cruz441571844930901025372238100.3120.40321%12%324.0
Matt Kemp43183192623716092428941010.3390.39721%5%323.7
Khris Davis491721994220601635332462100.2440.36831%12%317.5
Travis Shaw471872025532131924351343500.2940.36221%6%310.5
Carlos Correa46178203533680930352141000.2980.36920%10%307.1
Giancarlo Stanton351381553616901121291635000.2610.37223%10%249.1
Victor Martinez49181206473390518282026000.2600.31913%10%235.8
Eric Hosmer451681875035130220161830100.2980.33816%10%234.0
Jedd Gyorko3313514443297251617733200.3190.36723%5%217.5
Neil Walker33131146351882724221423010.2670.36316%10%214.9
Kendrys Morales441711853820801020271237000.2220.30520%7%204.5

Stats via FanGraphs

Top Leadoff Hitters 

Scoring System

  • AB - (-1)
  • 1B - 5.6
  • 2B - 8.5
  • 3B - 11.3
  • HR - 15
  • BB - 3.5
  • HBP - 3.5
  • SB - 2.5
  • CS - (-3)
Fantasy Baseball Cleanup Hitters