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Fantasy Baseball's Best Leadoff Hitters

Charlie Blackmon has been one of the top players in fantasy baseball this year and is doing so out of the leadoff spot of the Rockies lineup.  Despite the increase in K%, Blackmon owns a .406 wOBA & .278 ISO.  Colorado is currently in 1st place in the National League West and their 311 runs scored is 3rd in the MLB behind the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals.  Blackmon leads the MLB in total bases.

George Springer has ignited the Houston Astros offense and helped paved the way to a 42-17 record, the best in baseball.  Springer's K% is at a career low but so is his BB%. 

Since being moved to the top of the New York Mets lineup, Michael Conforto has become one of the best hitters in baseball.  In May, Conforto owned the 9th best wOBA in the MLB and owns the most points per PA among the top 15 leadoff hitters.

Fellow New Yorker, Yankees Brett Gardner, was the only leadoff hitter with a higher wOBA in May.

Ender Inciarte is quietly having a career year for the Atlanta Braves.  He is hitting for more power and stealing more bases.

Charlie Blackmon58244267814713813444714523530.3320.40720%5%478.1
George Springer5322024562379016453820563030.2820.37723%8%375.2
Brett Gardner46189218502710112382626471510.2650.37022%12%342.5
Ender Inciarte56241263735610163724203601040.3030.33514%8%341.9
Michael Conforto37146175432210011322627442100.2950.41625%15%331.2
Corey Dickerson40175188552913112342310382020.3140.39920%5%325.2
Cesar Hernandez5422624665481025401419471630.2880.33119%8%301.4
Kevin Pillar4719621854331317331416293930.2760.34213%7%295.6
Brian Dozier5020723849301009262328482850.2370.32020%12%291.0
Jean Segura4318219862481004292012313760.3410.36716%6%283.8
Billy Hamilton5222524657475414017185102850.2530.27921%7%258.9
Dexter Fowler481852144023638301726481300.2160.31122%12%250.7
Dee Gordon502092265848730271093471520.2780.29515%4%240.7
A.J. Pollock3715416346291232261192901120.2990.33918%6%227.3
Mookie Betts281201353014907262015150510.2500.35211%11%201.9

Stats via FanGraphs

Top Cleanup Hitters 

Scoring System

  • AB - (-1)
  • 1B - 5.6
  • 2B - 8.5
  • 3B - 11.3
  • HR - 15
  • BB - 3.5
  • HBP - 3.5
  • SB - 2.5
  • CS - (-3)
Fantasy Baseball Leadoff Hitters