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Monday Motivation - Fantasy Football Links

Find out which players who were injured last season can make a significant impact on your 2017 roster. Click here for Part 2

It's that time of the year again, the NBA and NHL finals have past, school is out for the summer and MLB is in full swing.  If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres or San Francisco Giants, well I guess you better start preparing for your fantasy football drafts!  If you need to be motivated to get cracking, no better place to start your homework then these sites!

Eric Decker to the Titans, Jeremy Maclin to the Ravens, Marshawn Lynch is a Raider - what impact will players who relocated have?  Chris Ventra breaks it all down for and believes two players joining the same team both have increased value!

RBBC has killed the idea of handcuffing in fantasy football. Backup running backs like Tevin Coleman and Derrick Henry are coming off draft boards as early as the 5th and 7th rounds!  That ahead of Cam Newton and Russell Wilson!  That being said, Alex Hamrick help you break down which "handcuffs" you should consider in your drafts.

A popular trend in fantasy football scoring right now is points per first down. Let Kurt Turner explain to you why WRs are money, the 5 workhorse RBs left in the NFL are an absolute goldmine and that the TE position is deep but has very limited elite talent.  If you are playing in the Scott Fish Bowl, I suggest you give this a read!  - Fantasy Knuckleheads

A quick history lesson on rookie RBs will help you better understand what to do with Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey & Joe Mixon.  Last year, fantasy football owners took a HUGE risk drafting Ezekiel Elliott in the first round.  In fact, it was the earliest a rookie had ever been drafted!  Don't forget about the Bishop Sankey hype train!  You can thank David Gonos for this crash course.

The average football fan has probably never even heard of the New York Jets offensive weapons outside of Josh McCown and Matt Forte.  But they do have some nice young talent at each position that dynasty fantasy football owners should want to take advantage of.  Let John Di Bari explain why you should buy RB Elijah McGuire and TE Jordan Leggett and sell a 29 year old RB named Bilal Powell.  Make sure you check out the entire Buy, Sell, Hold series courtesy of Dynasty Football Factory.

Fantasy Sports Syndicate Football Links

Gridiron Experts Fantasy Football Podcast - For the eighth episode of the Old School Fantasy Football Podcast, the guys are joined by ESPN’s Mike Clay [13:50] who talks about his beginnings in the fantasy football industry, provides excellent insight on the 2017 NFL season [22:30] and gives his 2017 sleepers [31:00] and busts [33:10.] Also, to start the show, Clay pays off his bet from Episode 6 and the guys play another round of fantasy football trivia from 1996 [6:00.]