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Albert Pujols Hits Home Run #600

Albert Pujols hit a 364 ft home run off Ervin Santana for #600 - in GRAND fashion.

Pujols hit his first home run back in April of 2001 as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals off of Armando Reynoso. He has homered off 30 MLB teams, in 37 different ballparks. He homered off Ryan Dempster 8 times and has hit 318 of his homers at his home ballpark. 446 of his 600 home runs have been hit while facing a right handed pitcher. However, he did hit 5 HRs off one of the greatest LHP of all-time in Randy Johnson.

He has hit 12 walk-off home runs.

Miguel Cabrera is the closest active player to joining the 600 HR Club, with 451.  Adrian Beltre is right behind Miggy at 446.  Carlos Beltran , 428, is the only other active player with 400 home runs.

It then goes Ryan Howard (382), Edwin Encarnacion (320), Jose Bautista (318), Adrian Gonzalez (308), Matt Holliday (307) and that is it for 300 HRs.

This very small grouping of active players shows just how incredible 600 home runs truly is.

With 231 HRs, Justin Upton (29) is the active leader under 30 years of age. Giancarlo Stanton (27, 223) and Mike Trout (25, 184) are next. Paul Goldschmidt (29, 153) and Freddie Freeman (27, 152) are the only other active players with 150+ HRs and under the age of 30.

Bryce Harper is 24 with 136 home runs.
Albert Pujols 600 HR Club