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5 QBs to Target Late in Fantasy Football Drafts

Chris Meaney shares his 2017 QB Rankings from 11-20. Can Carson Wentz jump into QB1 territory this season? What is the strategy when it comes to 2-QB leagues? Is Andy Dalton primed for a big Fantasy Football season? Is Derek Carr worth the early pick?
For the second straight year, the consensus feeling is to wait until round 8 or later to draft a quarterback. There's a cluster of QB's going near each other, including Kirk Cousins, Jameis Winston, and Marcus Mariotam but there are also a large number of QB's going even later worth a look.

Philip Rivers (10.03/112/QB14) - Phillip Rivers throws for a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns, and a lot of interceptions. Fortunately for us fantasy football players, interceptions are not weighted heavily enough to be a severe downside of a guy like Rivers. Rivers never misses a game, and has finished as a top 10 fantasy quarterback every year since 2010, excluding 2012. Despite possibly losing rookie WR Mike Williams for the year to back surgery, the Chargers are loaded. They have 4 legitimate wide receivers, a top 8 RB, and two viable tight ends.

Tyrod Taylor (11.10/136/QB17) - The hate on Tyrod Taylor is not justified. In ESPN's default scoring system, Tyrod was a top 10 quarterback. He's the only QB in the NFL with 3,000+ passing yards and 550+ rushing yards in 2015 and 2016. Additionally, Tyrod basically has two new weapons this year in Sammy Watkins and Zay Jones . Last year, there was worry that Taylor could get benched at any point during the season, but new head coach Sean McDermott has no issue with Taylor. Tyrod also possesses huge upside as a QB who's not 100% polished yet. With an extremely late ADP, Tyrod is a guy I'll target later in drafts.

Andy Dalton (12.02/142/QB18) - I wrote a piece earlier this summer about how I like Andy Dalton in 2017. Since then, nothing's changed. He still has two explosive WR's, an extremely versatile and talented running back, and an elite TE. Offensive coordinator Ken Zampese is entering his second year as coordinator for Cincy. In many cases, a QB won't prosper in a new system until the second year (Matt Ryan). Dalton had a respectable 64.7% completion percentage last year in an injury riddled offense. Dalton's best games come when A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert are on the field together, which appears to be the case for early on in the season. Dalton is a serviceable starter in deep leagues, and I think he has QB1 upside.

Blake Bortles (14.02/177/QB21) - Let me start this off by saying that Blake Bortles is not a very good NFL quarterback. He's done a terrible job as the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars, borderline awful. But, this is FANTASY football. In the land of fantasy football, Blake Bortles has produced back to back top 10 fantasy finishes. I'm not 100% sure where these fantasy points appear from, but the guy produces. Looking ahead to 2017, Bortles has a ground game for the first time in his career. One thing people are worried about is Doug Marrone's run first approach. But as pointed out by Joey Korman of, Marrone said he'd "feed CJ Spiller to death" in Buffalo. Guess what? He didn't do that at all. At the very least, Bortles is a great target in 2 QB leagues and possibly in a 14-man league if you're really looking to wait.

Joe Flacco (14.05/188/QB23) - Why is Joe Flacco going at QB24 despite never finishing below QB20 when he played 10+ games? Because he has no upside. But in 2 QB leagues, that isn't a bad thing at all. He throws the ball A TON - tied for the most attempts in the league last year.  A QB throwing the ball 673 times has some upside, even if Flacco himself doesn't have a ton. Looking ahead to 2017, Flacco has two new established veterans in Jeremy Maclin and Danny Woodhead. In a 2 QB league, it's inexcusable to find Joe Flacco in the 14th round and NOT take him.

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