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Fantasy Football Draft Season Is Coming

I have to admit, I have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones - so I am assuming I am using that title correctly.  Anywho, it is almost August and that means draft day is right around the corner!  Take the time to read through the following blog posts to gain that extra bit of knowledge to give yourself a competitive edge of your leaguemates.

Start by understanding position battles underway at training camps.  This includes a couples teams with QB battles like the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos.  Jody Smith breaks them all down for you on the Gridiron Experts website.  Both of those teams feature impact fantasy football WRs in DeAndre Hopkins, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders.  It's Tom Savage or rookie Deshaun Watson for Nuk while DT and Sander can both post 1,000 yard seasons with Trevor Siemian again or will start to build chemistry with Paxton Lynch.

After reading that, head over to the Fantasy Knuckleheads where Brendan Cole breaks down his top 5 WRs ready for a comeback season.  This includes Hopkins, who is a risky pick at his current ADP with a huge question mark at the QB position but has WR1 upside.  Cole also looks at two WRs joining new teams, one receiver who posted 900 yards & 7 TDs and had a "down" year last year and one WR out in the desert who is looking to rebound from an injury plagued sophomore season.

Once you have completed that and remembered how you got there in the first place, check out which WRs are being overvalued, undervalued and adequately valued thanks to Addison Hayes over on Dynasty Football Factory.  Before clicking the link, take a guess - DeVante Parker, Michael Thomas, Robert Woods - which WR do you think is being over/under/adequately valued?

Now that you have figured out which WRs are battling for a position, ready for a bounce back year and their value, how do you go about drafting them?  Tyler Thompson reminds you to pay attention to the bye weeks over at the Fantasy Six Pack.  He provides you with a couple different strategies to attack the draft, including going all in on a single week!  You can stack the Steelers, who have a week 9 bye or start your draft WR/WR with Mike Evans and T.Y. Hilton who join 20 other top 100 players on a bye week 11.

Combine that bye week knowledge with some deep 2017 NFL schedule analysis over at and you have a serious advantage over the rest of your league.  Thanks Mike Tomlin....Mike Tomlin?!

Now go win yourself some money this season, but first head over to for 5 smart ways to increase your fantasy ROI!!
During the summer 2017 Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), Ipsos Marketing reported that nearly 60 million people play Fantasy Sports in Canada and the United States. Fantasy Sports is a $7.22 billion industry, and while a lot of that money includes league fees and ancillary activities, like draft parties and Fantasy prizes, a lot of it is being spent on Fantasy Football research assistance.
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