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5 Overvalued Players Heading Into 2017

Pat Mayo and Mike Tagliere of discuss early draft strategy and debate some of the most polarizing names in 2017 Fantasy Football drafts. Skip to 57:10 for Tevin Coleman

Everybody loves to get good value during their fantasy draft. I do, and you do too. When you're drafting, you want to find somebody late in the draft that can be a viable option. On the other end of the spectrum, there are players who are being overvalued. These players are being drafted in a position where they will not live up to the hype and underperform. Before you draft, it's really important to identify these players. Today, I'll be telling you 5 players who are being drafted too soon this year.

Derek Carr (6.09/71/QB6) - If I was starting an NFL franchise and had the choice of any QB, I would seriously consider Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr. He completely turned around the Oakland franchise, and was my choice for MVP for a few weeks last year. He's well worth his contract. But, Derek Carr is the opposite of Blake Bortles. Really good in real life, not so good in fantasy. He's never finished above QB14 in his three years in the league, and has a ridiculously difficult fantasy schedule. During the crucial part of the fantasy season, the end, he's got matchups with the Giants, Broncos, and Chiefs. Draft Carr with caution.

Ben Roethlisberger (8.02/88/QB9) - Out of the past 6 seasons, Ben Roethlisberger has only finished in the top 10 of scoring two times. His average finish in the past two years is QB19. Ouch. His play on the road is absolutely awful, but his play at home is really good. In the 2016 regular season, he never scored under 20 fantasy points at home. He has a ton of talent. The only issue is that he's being drafted as a fantasy starter. If Ben was being drafted, say, at QB13, then I would pair Roethlisberger with a more consistent quarterback to capitalize when he's at home. But in the beginning of the 8th round? No thank you.

Tevin Coleman (6.07/68/RB30) - The 2016 Atlanta Falcon offense was incredible, operating at an efficiency rate that nobody saw coming. A large number of players benefited heavily from that, including Tevin Coleman. Now that Kyle Shanahan is gone, only a select number of Falcons will have similar seasons to 2016. Tevin Coleman is not one of those people. Operating as Devonta Freeman's backup, he finished as RB18. Considering he saw only 118 looks, there's no way he will keep this up. Looking ahead to 2017, Coleman will not see a similar season and has far too high of a price tag.

Donte Moncrief (6.07/69/WR29) - I was originally planning to give this spot to Amari Cooper, but I figured that would be too cheesy because I already touched on his QB, Derek Carr. So, here we are talking about a guy that's never finished above WR38 being drafted ahead of Emmanuel Sanders, a guy that hasn't been below WR21 for the past 3 years. Does it help you to know Moncrief caught 7 TD'S in 9 games last year? Probably not, because he didn't even see 3.5 catches per game last year. Don't draft Moncrief, plain and simple.

O.J. Howard (10.11/124/TE11) - OJ Howard's role in Tampa is not what people think it is. Multiple reports surfaced after the draft that the Bucs only took Howard because of his talent and how late he was still around, not because they needed a tight end. They still have Cam Brate. Howard will be the blocking tight end, while Brate will handle a lot of receiving work. Also, outside of Hunter Henry, rookie TE's characteristically do not perform well in their first season. I'm not taking a chance on Howard this year.