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Marshawn Lynch's 2017 Fantasy Outlook

Marshawn Lynch is back! Where should you draft him? Crabtree or Cooper? And where does Derek Carr finish in QB Rankings? Join Chris Meaney and Drew Livingstone as they get you prepped for 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Season!

Let's take a look at Marshawn Lynch - there is lots of love for this guy heading into 2017. But, he's coming out of retirement, and only played 7 games in 2015. He signed after prime free agency with the Oakland Raiders, meaning Oakland was fine with their running backs before signing him. Latavius Murray, the starter last year, only saw 195 touches and the let him go to Minnesota. Many reports expect Lynch to see a similar workload. He's 31, and career trends show that running backs typically see decreased numbers after 31, yet he's being drafted at 2.09 (standard) / 3.01(PPR), according to Fantasy Football Calculator ADP.

I do not like Lynch at his current ADP. I've said it all off-season, I think Lynch will have great averages, such as TD% and YPC, but I just do not think Marshawn will see the touches necessary to finish as an RB1. Murray only saw about 14 touches per game last year. That only equates to 224 touches in a year, assuming Lynch plays all 16 games, which I don't think he will do.

Lynch has a career YPC of 4.3, which would've ranked 11th last year out of all backs with at least 200 carries. With 224 touches, that's 963 yards. That would be 15th in 2016. Last year, on 195 carries, Latavius Murray scored 12 times, that's a really good number. If Lynch was able to replicate this, that's 14 touchdowns on the year, 4th in the league. He'll see extremely low receiving totals with Deandre Washington and Jalen Richard backing him up. Latavius Murray's receiving stats were 33/264/0 last year. Lynch will definitely have a low volume role in the receiving game.

As for the weapons outside of him, his offensive line is extremely good, especially the left side. The debate most people use is if Lynch performed so well with a bad Seattle offensive line, imagine what he could do in Oakland. But, the thing is, Seattle's offensive line wasn't too bad when Lynch was there. In Pro Football Focus's rankings, Seattle had the 17th best run blocking offensive line in 2014. Per PFF, nobody on the left side of the line ranked below 8th in their respective position. Lynch will have plenty of holes open on that side, and that will help him get back into the swing of things. But, I just don't see Marshawn having a high volume role.

There's no way he comes out full speed in the early weeks. It isn't like Oakland necessarily needs him. They're a pass happy offense, and Richard & Washington can carry the load for Lynch. He'll show up for big games, but rest against easy teams. At best, Lynch is a 2016 LeGarrette Blount, totaling high touchdown numbers and finishing as the RB7 in standard scoring formats. At worst, he sees 150 touches and under performs, signaling that he never should've came out of retirement.

Marshawn Lynch Fantasy Football ADP

I'd rather take Todd Gurley or Leonard Fournette who are almost guaranteed to see 250+ touches this year.

We ranked Lynch 15th in our latest Fantasy Football RB Rankings