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NFL DFS Week 1 Titans Stack

Tennessee Titans (-1.5)

vs Oakland Raiders
O/U 50

DraftKings - The Titans provide you with multiple stack options but we are going to go all in on one of the most hyped teams this NFL offseason. We will use the New York Giants defense here again as there is no reason not too. Here is a quote from the Pittsburgh Steelers stack post:
We feel pretty comfortable starting the New York Giants defense, the 7th cheapest defense available, even with Ezekiel Elliott eligible to play. Two of Dak Prescott's three worst games of his rookie campaign came in his NFL debut against the Giants and in week 14 at New York. He averaged less than 200 passing yards per game in both losses.
With two WRs, a RB and the FLEX position left to add to your roster, you now have $5,975 per player. The $5-6k RBs are not all that great with rookie RBs Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixon & Christian McCaffrey and backup RBs Derrick Henry & Tevin Coleman. There are four RBs I would consider in that price range:

For this post, we will move forward with Woodhead against a Bengals defense that allowed the fourth most receptions to the RB position last year. That gives us $6.2 for our two WRs and FLEX. With the anticipation of a shootout in Nashville, lets go ahead and add one of the Raiders WRs to our stack. Amari Cooper is $1,200 more than Michael Crabtree and since he is below our AVG remaining, lets go plug in Crabtree.

That increases our remaining average up just a little to $6.35k. Larry Fitzgerald is right in the middle of the 10 WRs priced between $5,400 and $6,500, is one of the safest plays week in and week out and has a plus matchup against the Detroit Lions secondary.

With $6,800 remaining to fill the FLEX position you have plenty of options at all three positions:

NFL DFS DraftKings Week 1 Titans Stack

FanDuel - As both sites have different roster constructions, they also both have different salaries and salary caps.  FanDuel plays kickers, does not have a FLEX spot and gives you $10k more.  After adding the four Titans to your lineup, you are left with $6,875 per player.  Let's shift to the defense and kicker positions to see what we will have left to spend on RB/WR positions.

With no Andrew Luck for the Colts, lets spend $100 more than the Giants on the Rams defense.

There is just a $500 difference between Justin Tucker and Blair Walsh.  If we pick one right in the middle at $4,700, like Matt Prater, we are left with $6,050 as we look to select our 2nd RB.

With $7.6k per player left for a RB and two WRs, you can pretty much add any RB you desire before finding a value WR and spending what's left to fill out your roster.

For this example, we are going to pick LeSean McCoy ($8,500) against the New York Jets.  He is just about $1,000 less than David Johnson & Le'Veon Bell and just $200 more than Devonta Freeman, who suffered a concussion in the preseason.

We now have $14,200 to spend on two WRs.  I would attack this by finding the value play first, someone between $5k-$6k.  He is at the top of our "budget" but the Cleveland Browns are going to fall behind quickly to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kenny Britt ($6,000) should see a ton of targets.  With Cameron Meredith now ruled out, Bears WR Kevin White ($5,600) is another option which will free up $400.

With $8,200-8,600 remaining to find your 3rd WR, you have some big time names left to pick from, to complete your week 1 entry.

NFL DFS FanDuel Week 1 Titans Stack

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