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NFL DFS Week 3 Lions Stack

Detroit Lions +3 vs Atlanta Falcons

O/U 50.5


Matthew Stafford is $900 cheaper than Matt Ryan and the Falcons defense gets torched by pass catching running backs so stack the Lions QB with RB Theo Riddick ($5.1k).

We want to add one player from the Falcons to our stack, and since Quandre Diggs is PFF #1 ranked defensive back and Julio Jones is $9,300 lets grab one of the Falcons RBs.  Tevin Coleman will save you $1,400, but has not been involved in the pass attack, which is how he makes an impact in games.  Spend the money on Devonta Freeman ($6.7k).

With Stafford/Freeman/Riddick to start your stack, lets go find us a defense and a TE to boost our average remaining per player.

The Patriots are the 2nd most expensive defense this week, but they face an inept Texans offense, spend the cash!

With $5,640 remaining per player, lets find a TE at or below that price point.  That means no Rob Gronkowski or Travis Kelce.  With Jordan Reed hurt (go figure) and Greg Olsen out with a broken foot, the next TE is Zach Ertz ($5k) who goes against the Giants.  New York’s defense is solid but they do not cover the TE well and have allowed Jason Witten and Eric Ebron to catch TD passes in the first two weeks.  Ertz has back to back 90 yard games and 18 targets through Philly’s first two contests.

We now have $5.8k per player for three WRs and a FLEX.  With all the injuries going on in Green Bay at the WR position, Davante Adams is the only one healthy.  Jordy Nelson (quad) is likely to play on Sunday, but at what level and for how long?  Remember, he missed the entire 2nd half against the Falcons last week.  Randall Cobb (chest/shoulder) did not practice on Wednesday.  At $5.6k, Adams is below budget and will be on in our lineup.

Next, we love what is going on with the Broncos right now so pick between Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders for our WR2 - just a $100 difference, pick your favorite.

To give us more flexibility, we will add Sanders, which brings our per player remaining up to and even $5.9k for a WR and FLEX.

There are easier ways to save money, while not punting, at the FLEX position so lets jump there before we find our 3rd WR.

At $4.8k, Isaiah Crowell should finally see 20 touches against the Colts defense.  This is not a pretty pick, but Crowell has asked for more carries, and the Browns lost WR Corey Coleman to a broken hand.  Rookie QB DeShone Kizer hasn’t been great and if the Browns want to win a winnable game, they will need to feed the Crow!

That leaves us with $7k to find a WR - leaving you a solid group of receivers to pick from, including Golden Tate if you want to add to the Lions stack!

NFL DFS Week 3 Lions Stack DraftKings


There are 7 more expensive QBs on FanDuel than Matthew Stafford, compared to him having the 10th highest price tag on DraftKings.  Keeping the same core for our stack, after adding Riddick, Freeman, Ertz and the Patriots defense, we are left with $6,725 per player and we have not even added a kicker yet!

There is a $700 difference between Stephen Gostkowski ($5.2k) and YoungHoe Koo ($4.5k), so just pick a kicker somewhere in the $4.7-$4.9 range.  We will add the Lions K Matt Prater at 4.7k.

We are now looking for 3 WRs with an average of $7.4k per receiver.  A.J. Green and the Bengals offense are ready for a breakout game against the Green Bay Packers.  If you can stomach this year's Andy Dalton throwing passes to a $7.5k receiver roll with Green as our projections love him.  However, we will steer you towards a safer option,

At $6.8k, Jarvis Landry could see another 15 targets from Jay Cutler against the Jets defense.  New York's secondary just surrendered three touchdowns to Michael Crabtree. Those targets, leading to 13 catches, came against the Chargers, who now face the Chiefs and WR Tyreek Hill.  At $7.3k, adding Hill & Landry leaves you with $8,100 to fill out your lineup!

NFL DFS Week 3 Lions Stack FanDuel