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Ajayi Trade, Zeke Suspension & Watson Injury - Fantasy Football Update

It's been a crazy 72 hours. Who knew you could trade in the NFL? Typically, the Patriots trade someone who's really good, and plenty of "potential trades have been discussed" but none of them come into fruition. That all changed Tuesday. A pretty good amount of trades happened, and unfortunately, some injuries happened too. Let's see what exactly went down.

Jay Ajayi was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles

One of the best running backs in the league, Jay Ajayi, was traded to one of the best teams in the league, the Philadelphia Eagles. It's huge news. Ajayi goes from one of the worst offensive line in the leagues to arguably the best. LeGarrette Blount is currently listed as the starter, but we all know Ajayi will take over. Carson Wentz is confident that Ajayi won't miss a beat, which is big because we're entering the stretch run of the fantasy season. If I were an Ajayi owner, I'd entertain the idea of selling him. Philadelphia has one of the best offenses in the league, and they'd be silly to drastically change much for Ajayi. In the end, Ajayi's value heavily increases with this move.

Ezekiel Elliott is suspended six games...for real this time...or not

Ezekiel Elliott went through a lot of court appeals, and he's officially suspended. He's eligible to return Week 15 against the Oakland Raiders. On a positive note, he's there for most of the fantasy playoffs. I'm not entirely sure why he got suspended this time versus the other times, but that information's irrelevant. Elliott is obviously a massive loss for any fantasy team. Alfred Morris is probably not on your waivers anymore considering claims went through Wednesday morning, but he could be. Morris isn't going to be the unquestioned lead back, but it has been confirmed he will start. He's a top-24 option, but don't break the bank going after him.

Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Buffalo Bills

Kelvin's been discussed involving trades for awhile now, but it finally happened. He's off to Buffalo to catch footballs from Tyrod Taylor. Another weapon, whoever it is, helps Tyrod. He's a top-15 option the rest of the year without question. I don't think Benjamin's all that talented, if we're being honest. He's a big body, but doesn't really know how to use it and isn't very physical. Carolina said Benjamin congested the field and that they're looking forward to spreading the field in his absence. I don't know what you think that means, but I know what I took it as: Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey's RB12 after 8 weeks in PPR, and he's a great buy-low candidate.

Andrew Luck was placed on Injured Reserve

It's a shame, it really is. The entire Indianapolis organization should be ashamed. They activated Andrew Luck at the last minute, and Jim Irsay said Luck might've been able to play Week 1. What a lie. Luck had no intention of playing early on this season, and the Colts knew that. I don't know why they activated him, but it clearly was not serious. So. Andrew Luck never played a snap of the 2017 NFL season. We've seen how TY Hilton does without him. It's not pretty. Even with Luck "healthy" next year, I don't have high hopes for the Colts' offense. Hopefully 2018 is the year Donte Moncrief is properly drafted, which is past round 10 at least. Not 6 and 7 like other years.

Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in Thursday's practice

This sucks. Deshaun Watson's historic rookie season is over, just like that. He was already one of the best fantasy QB's in the league, and he was impossible not to like. I mean, he was incredible. Some of the highest efficiency numbers we've ever seen, and he had every right to be discussed as an MVP despite being on a struggling Houston Texans team. Every weapon on the team takes a huge value hit, especially Will Fuller. We now turn to Tom Savage, the guy with 0 passing touchdowns in over 100 attempts. They signed Matt McGloin, but he's not any better. We here at We Talk Fantasy Sports are wishing Deshaun the best in what's hopefully a speedy recovery.

Josh Gordon was reinstated by the NFL and is eligible to return Week 13

The very day he gets reinstated, it will have been 2 years and 11 months since he was originally suspended. Crazy. He's still younger than a lot of guys in the NFL, including Alshon Jeffery and TY Hilton. Remember, Gordon was the NFL's leading receiver in 2012. It can't hurt to add him on your fantasy teams, but the likelihood of him making a legitimate impact are very slim. However, I drafted him for a dynasty team back in July and it's crazy to think that he's back for real this time.

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