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The Perfect PPR Fantasy Football Draft

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Most of us have now finished the fantasy football regular season, which means it is time to look back at would would have been this summer's perfect draft.  Using PPR scoring, we drafted the top 12 QBs & TEs, 24 RBs & 36 WRs to create the following rosters:
  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
The first two rounds consist of the top 12 RBs & WRs and were drafted in order of points scored, except Antonio Brown was not allowed to be the 1st pick.  We moved him to his seasons ADP of 3rd overall to simulate the usual start to a draft which was David Johnson & Le'Veon Bell.

The following rounds were selected using RPV, which is why Russell Wilson, Travis Kelce, Rob Gronkowski & Zach Ertz were the first four picks of the 3rd round.

The top 12 QBs averaged 273.3 fantasy points.  Using the following formula (Wilson(328)-Avg)/Avg, we find that Wilson was 20% better than the average top 12 QB.

Using RPV we found that Travis Kelce (39%), Antonio Brown (34%),  Rob Gronkowski (29%), Todd Gurley (29%), Le'Veon Bell (26%) & Alvin Kamara (21%) were the only other players with a RPV greater than 20%.

When you go down to the RB2/WR2 groupings, Chris Thompson (15%), Duke Johnson (11%), Brandin Cooks (10%) & Robby Anderson (10%) were the only players with a double-digit RPV.

We did not allow a team to draft a 3rd RB or a 4th WR.


Team 1 1316.4
Team 3 1311.6
Team 2 1294.5
Team 5 1271.4
Team 4 1243.1
Team 7 1223.1
Team 8 1220.2
Team 11 1220.0
Team 10 1212.1
Team 6 1210.9
Team 12 1209.5
Team 9 1205.5

Perfect PPR Fantasy Football Draft