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The Ultimate Patriots Super Bowl Roster Results

Last year, we collected 700 responses, asking Patriots Nation and NFL fans from all around the web to build their ultimate roster to surround Tom Brady in a Super Bowl.  With them returning to play in the Big Game for a third straight year, here are the results...again.We don't believe any of the new guys on the roster would change anything.

Offensive Line

It starts with protecting Brady.  However, we did not make this a mandatory section to fill out.  Of the 700 possible responses, we had 611 die hard football fans select the best possible line to protect Brady.  Each participant was required to select 5 lineman.

Running Backs

Now that we have some big boys up front, let's see who Brady will be handing the ball off to and completing swing passes to for big plays out of the backfield.
  • Corey Dillon was the clear favorite here with 64% of the vote
  • Dion Lewis and Kevin Faulk were each picked on more than 40% of the responses.  However, Lewis just edged him out with less than 30 more votes
    • 174 responses had Dillon and Lewis
    • 148 had Dillon and Faulk
    • 112 featured Faulk and Lewis
  • White (27%) and LeGarrette Blount (15%) were the only other backs with more than 4% of the vote

Wide Receivers

Brady is killer on the play-action pass and once New England establishes a ground game, it's game over.
  • It goes without saying that Randy Moss is the greatest WR most QBs have ever played with, including Tom Brady.  With 92% of the votes, Moss lines up as the WR1
  • With nearly 80% of the vote, Julian Edelman is the #2
  • Lining up in the slot, Wes Welker with 269 votes
    • 151 responses featured all three receivers
    • 358 lineups had at least Moss and Edelman
    • Only 11 lineups saw Edelman and Welker, without Moss
    • 133 responses had Moss, Edelman and Branch 
      • 109 had Brown over Branch
    • 16 lineups featured Moss, Branch & Brown, the same as Edelman, Branch & Brown
  • Deion Branch (33%), Troy Brown (28%) and Danny Amendola (19%) were the other WRs above 8%

Tight End - Rob Gronkowski

Kicker - Adam Vinatieri beat out Stephen Gostkowski 75%-25%

Defensive Line

We regret forcing participants into selecting a 4-3 defense.
It wasn't even close for the rest of the guys.


Brady has played with some all-time defenses, that's for sure.


New England's corners have made some of the most memorable moment in Super Bowl history.


Brady's Super Bowl defenses have always been a complete team, from the front seven all the way to the two deep safeties over the top.

Backup QB - Jimmy Garoppolo beat out Drew Bledsoe 423 - 259

Ultimate Patriots Super Bowl Roster Results