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Fantasy Football Twitter Mock Draft - Round One Recap

The draft started with a "controversial" pick in Le'Veon Bell, made by @NickFaberNFL, over Todd Gurley.  That lead to a discussion inside our twitter group about Bell vs Gurley.  Either way, both owners will more than likely be very happy with their picks.
Bell is sure-fire every season. His consistent volume and patience while running makes him a lock. The Rams have a lot of egos and that may be harder to manage then some fans think, so I’ll avoid Gurley with the first overall pick right now.
"Fantasy Football doesn't have to be hard. With more positive game script expected for the Rams, could Gurley possibly improve on last year's performance? I'll gladly take the RB with the highest floor and enjoy finding out." - @RandleRant
I followed that up with Antonio Brown because I have no idea how David Johnson is going to look, returning from a season ending wrist injury.  We also have no idea how the offense will operate under new Head Coach Steven Wilks, Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy and QB Sam Bradford.

@ZoneTracks had no problem selecting Johnson with the 4th overall pick.
I like DJ in any format and he is a true dual-threat running back. With a new set of receivers, regardless of its Bradford or Rosen behind center, I believe DJ will still be heavily relied on. Essentially, if the Cardinals hope to do well this season, it's going to run through Johnson and that's the kind of situation you want for your fantasy player.
After Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot was drafted by @ThuryBFF - will Jason Witten's retirement render Zeke less effective?  Witten has always been one of the better run blocking TEs in the NFL.  Also, with Dez Bryant gone now, I would imagine opposing defenses will be stacking the box against Zeke, forcing Dak Prescott to beat them.  Should be an interesting year for the Cowboys offense in general.

When asked about any concerns with Zeke and the Cowboys offense, this was Dan's response:
None really, they drafted another Olinemen early, Michael Gallup is a good start for the Bryant replacement and Dalton Schultz is pretty good blocking TE. Zeke's the heartbeat of the Cowboys offense. Given how last year was kind of a lost year for Zeke, he'll be looking forward to helping the boys compete in the NFC East. I also think defenders were stacking the box already given the inconsistent chemistry between Dak and Dez
With the 6th pick, @DBro_FFB pick DeAndre Hopkins, who gets Deshaun Watson back.  Nuk has proven to us that it doesn't matter who his QB his, he still puts up numbers - but give him a good QB and he is arguably the best WR in the NFL.

Leonard Fournette at pick 7 is an interesting one.  He did rush for over 1,000 yards as a rookie, in 13 games played, but it took over 260 carries.  70 RBs have rushed 260+ times in a single season since 2010 and Fournette's 1,040 yards (80 yards per game) were the 7th least amount of yards gained on the ground.

This is what @KverHulst288 had to say about his pick:
He was the best of what was left to me. With the changes on offense for Kareem Hunt and the Chiefs losing their OC, injury and the Vikings offense for Dalvin Cook, I felt Fournette was the best option. Jacksonville didn’t draft a QB early so they are still content with running through him. He should be better his second year so I’ll take him as my RB1.
With what could be the steal of the draft, @MitchellRenz365 picks Odell Beckham Jr. at 1.08.  Coming off that nasty ankle injury,  OBJ is a huge question mark with the upside of finishing at the WR1 in fantasy football.  The Giants added Saquon Barkley in the draft with the 2nd overall pick and improved their offensive line, which should make them overall a much harder team to defend, even with Eli Manning at QB.

Alvin Kamara scored 314.4 PPR fantasy points as a rookie, on just 212 touches!  That is 61 less touches than the next RB since 2000 with 300 PPR points.  The Saints are no longer going to lead the league in pass attempts with an ageing Drew Brees.  Instead, they will get the most out of Mark Ingram and Kamara out of the backfield, however possible.  He might be sharing the backfield but Kamara could easily be a top 5 RB in 2018 again and @ffdynasty_ztp thinks he is worth the 9th pick.

@bob_lung drafted Melvin Gordon at 1.10:
Julio Jones or Michael Thomas? That will be a question fantasy owners drafting at the back end of round 1 will have to consider all summer long.  @CSDFantasy picked Thomas over the other three for the following reasons:

Before an ACL injury ended his rookie campaign, Dalvin Cook was top 10 in PPR points per game.  That's without being heavily targeted too.  Kirk Cousins loved Chris Thompson in Washington and if he can develop that chemistry with Cook, Dalvin could turn into this years Todd Gurley!  With the 12th pick, @TylerGhee is counting on it!
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
1.01 @NickFaberNFL Le'Veon Bell RB PIT
1.02 @RandleRant Todd Gurley RB LAR
1.03 @WeTlkFntsySprts Antonio Brown WR PIT
1.04 @ZoneTracks David Johnson RB ARI
1.05 @ThuryBFF Zeke Elliott RB DAL
1.06 @DBro_FFB DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
1.07 @KverHulst288 Leonard Fournette RB JAX
1.08 @MitchellRenz365 Odell Beckham Jr WR NYG
1.09 @ffdynasty_ztp Alvin Kamara RB NO
1.10 @bob_lung Melvin Gordon RB LAC
1.11 @CSDFantasy Michael Thomas WR NO
1.12 @TylerGhee Dalvin Cook RB MIN
Fantasy Football Twitter Mock Draft