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SquadQL - Optimize Your Fantasy Baseball Lineup

SquadQL Fantasy Baseball Lineup Optimizer AppSeason long fantasy baseball can be a drag, having to check your lineup every single day from April through September.  But there is a FREE app out there to help make that process much easier and more enjoyable!

SquadQL is an all-in-one app that recommends the best starting lineup, personalized news, player research and more!

You can sync your Yahoo, ESPN or CBS leagues to import your roster, league settings and more.  You can sync multiple teams!

Lineup Optimizer

Using RotoQL Daily Projections, SquadQL helps optimize your lineup each day.  When you press the Optimize button, and after analyzing your roster, it makes suggestions for you to accept or decline.  If you decline a player swap, you have the option to undo, thankfully.  The Optimized Lineup screen shows the players to start on the left hand side with the players to bench on the right hand side.  The projections for each player are their respective side of the cancel swap button, in the middle, for a quick and easy way to see which player is projected for more points that day.

The advanced filter allows you to customize the projections  There are three default settings: Conservative, Balanced & Aggressive.  Conservative gives a bonus to those trending players that do not have a question mark next to their name for that day, while aggressive weighs heavily on players that are currently performing, even if they have a lower start % among the three sites.

If you want to adjust the sliders even more, you are free to do that as well!

You can also make manual lineup changes in the app, by selection the player thumbnail.  It will bring you to a screen with all the possible swaps you can make for that position.


The rankings tab is great for a couple reasons.  First it is a quick way to see who SquadQL ranks as the best player available at each position for that day or in the coming days.  Sometimes it can be hard to navigate the waiver wire/free agency, but their QLs scoring system makes it a whole lot easier.

What is QLs?  It is a generated player score that takes into account your league's scoring system.  It is a way to compare players.  It is not a cumulative stat like fantasy baseball points.


The news tab has a feature that I am not sure I have seen before on other apps - a search bar!  Instead of scrolling through all of the updates, I just searched Clayton Kershaw and got a hit.  The headline read "Kershaw's test results confirmed that he's dealing with biceps tendinitis."  Then I clicked read more to expand and was able to read the rest of the update.

The headlines are great for quick skimming of the player news, like a player being in/out of the lineup, rain outs or injury news.  Did you know Steven Souza returned to the DIAMONDBACKS lineup on Thursday?  Did you hear about Hyun-jin Ryu being out until the second half and that Walker Buehler is set to take his place in the Dodgers rotation?!

The My Players button filters the news to your roster, and if you want more, just click the All News button.  The News Filter button allows you to show Minor League news!

Check out their hilarious promotional video from the Fantasy Football Season

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