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Super Bowl LIII Bingo

Looking for a fun, cheap way to host the greatest Super Bowl party of all-time?!

Well then print out our Super Bowl Bingo game boards for your guests!
  • Tom Brady throws or rushes for a touchdown
  • Todd Gurley breaks a couple tackles and finds the end zone
  • Refs throw a flag for roughing the passer on the defense
  • Wow, that Audi commercial - $750/month lease...really?!
  • Thanks Stella, I needed a reminder to grab another beer before Maroon 5 takes the stage at halftime!
Super Bowl LIII 53 Patriots Rams
Patriots Rams Super Bowl LIII 53 Bingo

It's all very simple:
There are 50 unique game boards (25 pages, 2 cards per page)

If you do indeed use these Super Bowl LIII Bingo Boards, please shout it out on twitter or facebook and share the link!

Super Bowl Box Pools (Squares)

For a breakdown of the quarters and probabilities using all scores in Super Bowl history, check out the Super Bowl SuckyBox-o-Meter
After hearing people complain "My box sucks!" we decided to determine just exactly how much each box sucks. The following box pool odds were derived from compiling all the quarterly results from Super Bowl I (I) - 51 (LI) One for each quarter, which now includes a "OT-1" for the first ever Super Bowl to end in an OT (The Amazing Pats Comeback of 2017)