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A Look At The MLB Home Run Leaders

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There are three players with 10 home runs in the MLB already.

Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger are both lefties and play in the National League while Khris Davis hits from the right side of the plate and is an American League DH.

Khris bats clean up for the A's, while Christian bats second for the Brewers.

Cody has spent the majority of his time in the lineup batting fourth, but also has 10+ at bats in the three spot and batting sixth.

We have been and will be tracking the distance, exit velocity and launch angle of every home run hit this season, thanks to Baseball Savant.

Khris Davis - Avg 399 FT, 105.7 MPH, 29° Launch Angle*

Davis hit four home runs in two games against the Orioles at Camden Yards. He followed that up with one more against the Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington. He hit half of his home run in a three day span!

Davis added one home run in the two game series in Japan vs the Seattle Mariners.

*Unfortunately, we do not have statcast data for that dinger he hit overseas. There also appears to be no statcast data for the first of his two home runs he hit off Dylan Bundy on April 11th.

He has five home runs both "home" and away and an even split vs LHP/RHP.

Khris has hit two homers on the first pitch of an at bat. His eight other home runs have come with a 1-0, 1-1 or 1-2 count.

Cody Bellinger - Avg 410 FT, 106.2 MPH, 26.6° Launch Angle

Bellinger hit four home runs in the first four games of the season, all at Dodger Stadium off Diamondbacks pitching. He hit two in one game. He has hit one in six other games in the month of April.

Seven of his 10 home runs have come at home in Los Angeles, eight off right handed pitching.

Cody has hit three of his homers on the first pitch of an at bat. He also has hit one on a 3-1 count and two when the count was full!

Update - Not only did Bellinger hit HR #11 on Sunday, he robbed Yelich of #14!

Christian Yelich - Avg 403.6 FT, 106.2 MPH, 29.2° Launch Angle

Yelich hit one home run in each of the Brewers first four games, all at Miller Park against the Cardinals. He then added four more off St. Louis pitchers in a three game series at home again, including a three home run game!

All 10 of his home runs have come at home in Milwaukee, nine vs a righty.

Christian has hit two homers on the first pitch of an at bat. He has also hit three when ahead in the count 1-0 and three after taking a first pitch strike.

UPDATE - All 11 of his HR have come at Miller Park off RHP!

I did not anticipate making two edits over the weekend, for the same guy!