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Pre NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft - First 5 Rounds Recap

Pre NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft
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Together with 11 other fantasy football twitter accounts, we ran a 12 team pre NFL Draft PPR mock draft on MyFantasyLeague.


We went pretty deep for a mock draft his early, adding seven bench players, but we did not draft kickers or defenses.

I am here to share the first five rounds of the draft and to look at the different draft strategies.

We plan on doing this once a month and in August running a best ball league.

We will recap each mock, going a bit deeper each time.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the 2019 NFL Draft.

Which rookie will be a perfect fit on the team that drafts him?

Where will the rookies be drafted in fantasy football?

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Order

1.01 - @ffdynasty_ztp
1.02 - @TylerGheeNFL
1.03 - @NickFaberNFL
1.04 - @csdfantasy
1.05 - @MikeSports22
1.06 - @WeTlkFntsySprts
1.07 - @KverHulst288
1.08 - @ThuryBFF
1.09 -
1.10 - @grownuphuman
1.11 - @bob_lung
1.12 - @ZoneTracks

Running Back Heavy

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After five rounds, five teams had already drafted three running backs.

Four teams went RB/RB to start their drafts.

In the third round, Kerryon Johnson and Derrius Guice were drafted ahead of Sony Michel and Leonard Fournette.

We even had the rare RB/TE combo to start the draft by @MillerBadger who drafted David Johnson 9th overall and then followed that up with Travis Kelce at pick 16.

Of the four teams at the back end of the first round, not one owner drafted their second running back until the fourth round.

@bob_lung waited until the 5th round to draft his RB1 - Lamar Miller.

@ZoneTracks went RB/RB in round 4/5 to draft his starting running backs with Devonta Freeman and James White.

Pass Catchers

DeAndre Hopkins (5), Davante Adams (11), Michael Thomas (12) were the only non RBs drafted in the first round.

At the 1/2 turn, there were five WRs drafted in a row.

@bob_lung was the only team to go WR/WR/WR (Adams / Odell Beckham / Julian Edelman) and @WeTlkFntsySprts (Amari Cooper / Allen Robinson / Chris Godwin) was the only other team with three wideouts after five rounds.

@MikeSports22 started his draft WR/WR (Hopkins/Mike Evans), passing on the possibility of a Todd Gurley/Nick Chubb start.

I mentioned above that @MillerBadger drafted Kelce in the second round, but I didn't mention that he followed that up with another TE in the third - Zach Ertz! With two FLEX spots and about 200 receptions between the two, this is a great move that leaves the rest of the league drafting the TE scraps!

George Kittle was also drafted in the third round while Evan Engram was the fourth TE picked at the end of the fifth round.

Patrick Mahomes was the only quarterback taken in the first 60 picks.

We plan on doing another fantasy football mock draft right after the 2019 NFL Draft. Stay tuned for another recap!