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Fantasy Baseball Week 14 - RP Under 50% Owned Yahoo

After each week, we will generate a new list of relief pitchers that are less than 50% owned in Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues, with the best K-BB% and an ERA at or below 3.50.

Hopefully this weekly post helps you find some streaming or permanent relief options to help win some pitching categories!

We limited the pool to relievers with at least 40 batters faced and a 20% K-BB%.

2Giovanny GallegosSTL3337.21432.292.862.630.8532.9%37.45%
6Austin AdamsSEA1820.2802.542.251.740.8732.5%32.56%
4Tommy KahnleNYY3832.01322.742.753.381.0627.3%36.011%
6Ryan PresslyHOU3636.21372.492.351.470.7427.0%35.646%
4Oliver PerezCLE3423.2982.863.363.041.0626.5%36.91%
2Emilio PaganTB2931.21202.943.251.140.8225.8%34.134%
3Nick WittgrenCLE2730.11202.993.053.261.0525.0%29.12%
1Tyler DuffeyMIN2226.01153.033.232.421.1524.4%28.00%
6Chris MartinTEX3131.01212.963.063.481.0624.0%32.48%
0Josh SmithBOS811.0483.073.422.451.0922.9%32.70%
5Sean NewcombATL2023.0963.163.451.961.0922.9%25.921%
0Robert StephensonCIN2530.01233.303.553.301.0722.8%39.42%
8Liam HendriksOAK3643.21723.394.211.031.0122.7%30.949%
4Ty ButtreyLAA3838.21623.283.722.331.1922.2%32.120%
0Freddy PeraltaMIL822.1893.413.732.011.0321.4%30.78%
2Noe RamirezLAA2537.11523.494.163.131.1021.1%35.71%
3Marcus WaldenBOS3444.01813.203.213.481.1121.0%31.020%
0Jorge LopezKC918.0723.163.433.501.1120.8%28.81%
1Nick GoodyCLE911.0483.653.613.271.4520.8%33.00%
7Amir GarrettCIN4136.01503.543.331.751.2520.7%37.910%
1Oliver DrakeTB1518.0753.503.823.001.1720.0%31.40%
SV+H last 30 days

CSW - Called Strikes + Whiffs / Total Pitches

It takes into account called strikes, swinging strikes (including blocked ones), swinging pitchouts and foul tips into the glove while excluding foul balls. While the formula may seem rudimentary, the implications are far from it. CSW rate is a simple, fine-tuned and, most importantly, predictive metric that gives us a better glimpse into the true skill of a pitcher. Let’s break all of this down so we can see why. -
data via FanGraphs
Fantasy Baseball Week 14 RP