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Scott Fish Bowl 9 Draft Recap: Villains - Sephiroth Division

Scott Fish Bowl 9 #SFB9
Scott Fish Bowl is the largest fantasy football tournament known to man. Best part is, we are all playing for a great cause - raising money for charity -!

From all of us, thank you @ScottFish24!

This year's theme is video games and I landed in the Villains - Sephiroth Division. Sephiroth is from Final Fantasy VII and has his own theme song!

If you have somehow avoided this on Twitter over the last two weeks, I encourage you to go search #SFB9 and read all the tweets. It generates such great interaction between Analysts and Fans.

There is no ONE winning strategy and seeing all of the different draft boards is amazing.

Make sure you head over to RotoGrinders to play around with @Josh_ADHD SFB9 App!
Basic Rules
  • 1200 Teams
  • 100 leagues (divisions) of 12 teams
  • 20 conferences
  • 22 round slow draft
  • Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR 1 TE, 4 Flex (can flex 1 QB) - (11 Total)
  • Bench: 11 players
  • No Kickers or Defenses
  • No Trading Allowed
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding
Scoring is fractional (meaning 4 yards rushing = .4 points, 1 yard passing = .04 points, etc)

  • 6 point passing TD
  • -4 point interception
  • -2 point interception for TD
  • 1 point for 25 yards passing (.04/per)
  • 1 point per 2 point conversions
  • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 300 yards (not fractional)
  • 6 point rushing TD
  • 1 point for 10 yards rushing (.1/per)
  • 2 points for 2 point conversions
  • .5 point per 1st down
  • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 50 yards (not fractional)
  • 6 point receiving TD
  • 1 point for 10 yards receiving (.1/per)
  • 2 points for 2 point conversions
  • .5 point per 1st down
  • .5 point per reception
  • 5 point milestone/achievement bonus for every 50 yards (not fractional)
Tight Ends
  • Extra .5 point per first down
  • Extra .5 point per reception
  • 6 point for any return TD
  • 6 points if your player recovers a ball in the endzone for a TD

Scott Fish Bowl 9 Draft Recap: Villains - Sephiroth Division

Scott Fish Bowl #SFB9 Draft Board

Best Value Picks vs SFB9 ADP
9.09105@CoopAFiascoSammy Watkins80.5-24.5
15.03171@OlingerIDPJoe Flacco146.7-24.3
16.11191@wetlkfntsysprtsAlexander Mattison167.2-23.8
12.08140@dwebster341Marcus Mariota116.2-23.8
13.09153@CoopAFiascoMarquez Valdes-Scantling132.4-20.6
14.11167@wetlkfntsysprtsNoah Fant146.9-20.1
16.07187@timmymrEli Manning167.8-19.2
14.04160@CoopAFiascoDK Metcalf141.6-18.4
16.03183@PaulwillygJohn Brown165.1-17.9
15.04172@Austn37Carlos Hyde155.1-16.9
9.11107@aussieguysnflJarvis Landry91.1-15.9
16.02182@aussieguysnflParris Campbell166.7-15.3

Biggest Reach Picks vs SFB9 ADP
8.1094@OlingerIDP)Greg Olsen142.348.3
14.01157@Joeyt5656)Gerald Everett204.447.4
11.03123@OlingerIDP)Tyler Eifert167.244.2
13.03147@OlingerIDP)Jason Witten189.542.5
16.05185@BahnerFFett)Matt LaCosse221.336.3
17.03195@OlingerIDP)Danny Amendola230.335.3
8.0589@BahnerFFettNick Foles121.132.1
11.12132@Joeyt5656Donte Moncrief157.325.3
17.06198@timmymrDemarcus Robinson218.820.8
6.0868@dwebster341Vance McDonald88.520.5


Picking from the 5th slot, I went with a modified zero-RB strategy. I did not have a specific strategy going into the draft, I was just going more for value than anything. Had the opportunity to select either Travis Kelce or David Johnson and was torn while on the clock. I went with DJ because I believe he belongs in the same tier as the Big 4 that are going in virtually every draft that I've done.

With my next 6 picks, I selected 4 WRs (JuJu Smith-Schuster, Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks and Chris Godwin), 1 QB (Aaron Rodgers), and 1 TE (Vance McDonald). I may have reached a bit for Vance McDonald in the 6th round but felt like there was a dropoff after him with the available tight ends and think he can have a breakout year with the departure of Antonio Brown.

I would have to say my best value pick was Dede Westbrook in the 11th round. After leading the team in targets a season ago, he has the potential to be the WR1 in Jacksonville this season. Also, Nick Foles should prove to be a huge upgrade to Blake Bortles.

After 5 years of trying Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell were kind enough to extend me my first SFB invite to SFB9!

The scoring is crazy but also new to everyone with the yardage bonuses. So I tried to use that as my strategy to start. At the 1.12 turn all the stud RBs were gone so I chose to take the WR & TE who both lead their respective positions in yardage last year. Julio Jones & George Kittle were no brainers as I think they could both be the highest scorers from their positions. Kittle might be my favorite pick whereas he has the upside to be the highest-scoring player in the whole tournament with the TE premium setting.

The rest of my draft was full of roaches and "my guys". I targeted RBs with the most potential to be workhorses and rack up yardage bonuses. Derrick Henry, Marlon Mack & Lamar Miller won't catch as many passes but 100 yards rushing is better -  the same as 51 yards rushing & 49 yards receiving.

My WRs were selected with the same rule of thought. Give me the teams go-to WR1 and try to get as many 100 yard games as possible. The aforementioned Jones, Robert Woods, & Alshon Jeffery all have that potential.

Being the last team to draft a QB I finally jumped at a guy I'm not giving up on quite yet in Jameis Winston. He's going to throw and throw a lot in that offense, Yes, INTs will hurt but I got great value elsewhere by waiting.

We already talked about Kittle but part two of my TE strategy might be my favorite part of the draft. Take a straight beast early then grab valuable upside TEs late with the premium scoring. Jordan Reed, Gerald Everett, & Jonnu Smith all have the skills to catch a ton of balls and first downs, not to mention yards.

At the six spot, I was pretty certain that Le’Veon Bell would fall to me. I believe Bell is being underrated in fantasy leagues last year. Last year’s transgressions appear to have harmed his fantasy value, while I see it as a positive. I love that Bell has had a year off to keep his legs fresh. I am happy to take him with the 6th pick, even though his ADP is a bit higher.

I tried to ignore the noise with Quarterbacks and Tight Ends in the next couple of rounds, taking advantage of values at the Wide Receiver position, scooping up Michael Thomas in the 2nd round and TY Hilton, who’s 2018 numbers look even better if you use the Scott Fish Bowl scoring settings, in the third. I was really hoping my guy Hunter Henry would fall to me in the fourth round and was shocked when Zach Bahner jumped OJ Howard to take Henry with the 4.05 pick. I love the pick, as I think Hunter Henry will be a top Tight End in drafts next year, but OJ Howard as a consolation prize will do just fine.

Once it came time to take my QBs, I grabbed Kyler Murray as the QB11, and Tom Brady as the QB21 two rounds later. Kyler is, of course, a boom or bust pick, the kind of pick that could win you a 1200 team league, I hope. The GOAT had an underwhelming fantasy season in 2018, but he finished as QB14 with 280 points. Dak Prescott finished at QB10 with 285.7 points, so Brady was pretty close to being a Top 10 QB. I actually like pairing him up with Sony Michel here, as I hope between the two of them, I’ll have a piece of almost all of the Patriots Touchdowns.

Into the later rounds, I focused on scooping up running backs, knowing that there are plenty of high upside wide receivers available at the end of the draft. I handcuffed both my running backs and took guys like Jordan Howard and Jerick McKinnon below their ADP. I was happy to get a bunch of my favorite breakout candidates at WR including DaeSean Hamilton, whom I have nearly 100% exposure to in my leagues, DeVante Parker (sigh, I know, again), Demarcus Robinson and Antonio Callaway. If one or two of those guys hit, I really like the way this team shook out! - @timmymr

I am extremely pleased with the way my team turned out, I really don’t feel as though I had to reach for any of “my guys” and I got quite a few of them. I was hoping Travis Kelce would fall to me at the 1.07 and he did, I would have taken him as early as the 1.04 in this format. The toughest choice of the draft was in the second round as it always is, in this format, I went with the security of the RB position and Nick Chubb. From weeks 9-16 in 2018, Chubb was the RB6 with this scoring. Leonard Fournette in the third has been a scrutinized pick, but if you look back to 2017, Fournette was the RB6 in PPG with this scoring.

My QB picks came when I felt value fell to me with Russell Wilson as the QB8 and Philip Rivers as the QB22, I scooped up Ryan Fitzpatrick late (QB31) because he was a top-10 QB last year when looking at points per game.

My plan was to wait on WR, but when I saw Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson and Robby Anderson falling in my lap I just couldn’t resist. I don’t have the volume slot receivers I was looking for going in, but I have a group of guys who I expect will have some very big weeks, I just have to play the match-ups correctly.

The group of RB’s I have for the flex spots are guys that I’ve been targeting all year, and sometimes longer. Justice Hill is a rookie with potential to see 50+ targets and 100+ carries as the compliment back to Mark Ingram with the Baltimore Ravens.

I finished up with a Miami Dolphins super stack, which looks ugly, but I’m banking on them playing from behind and needing to throw the ball often. I’m hoping Fitz can hold onto this job somehow, but if not I grabbed a little known journeyman to back him up.

Draft strategy: Go with QBs with rushing upside a little later, hammer WR early, and try to fill in the gaps as the draft came to me. Not thrilled with how it turned out. Wish I’d have pivoted to RB/TE earlier but I didn’t like the options in the first few rounds vs. the receivers/QBs I was snagging.

Favorite pick: Lamar Jackson / felt he has immense upside in his year 2 season and the 50 rushing yard bonus for him is something that feels like a floor for him weekly (equates to a 300 yard passing week)... offsetting that is obviously the lower passing TD upside.

Biggest reach: Kyle Rudolph— honestly hate his lack of upside but was between a rock and a hard place waiting that long on TE.

Click here to follow along all season long as the leagues are public!